Are you looking for Short Beds in Manchester?

ShortyBeds are a custom size and short bed provider to Manchester and nationwide. At Shortybeds, we are proud to supply a wide range of specialist beds and mattresses that are able to meet even the tightest room specifications. Whether you are looking for a bed or mattress of a certain width, length, or both, all of our products can be made with your required specifications.

Why Choose Shorty Beds For Your Short Bed Provider in Manchester?

When searching through the wide variety of products we have available at Shorty Beds, you can be confident that everything we supply is made to achieve the highest standards of comfort and support. From our bestselling Shaker LFE bed and Reflex 6 mattress, to our variety of exciting accessories and bedding, our range of products offers remarkable quality at affordable prices.

Hand Crafted Locally

While an increasing number of specialist bed suppliers outsource production, we are proud to be able to say that all of our products are locally hand crafted. Ever since first launching ShortyBeds in 2003, we have worked with the same traditionally trained craftsmen at a family-run woodworking mill in Lancashire for consistent quality. This means that when you’re looking for short beds in Manchester, you can rest assured that any products purchased through ShortyBeds will have been developed carefully over the years and are produced ethically and with an eye for detail.

Remarkable Value

While all of the beds and mattresses that we produce are built from the highest quality materials, we provide all of our products at affordable prices. This means that, at ShortyBeds, you can focus on selecting a product that is right for you rather than your price range.

Completely Customisable

Whether you are searching for a bed that can fit a boat, caravan, holiday home, or simply an unusually-shaped room, having control over the specifications is crucial. It is because of this that we offer our products with as many combinations of length and width as possible. Aside from the measurement specifications of our range of our short beds products, many of our products can also be customised further where required. From the drawers and guard rails on our selection of kids beds, to the range of colour options on our bed frames, we are sure that anyone looking for short beds in Manchester will find something in our range that fits your needs.

Sustainably Sourced

We are aware of the damaging impact that the timber trade can have on the planet. That’s why we are proud to produce all of our bed and bunk frames from slow growing Scandinavian pine. While renowned as a premium timber in terms durability and appearance, this timber also provides a much more sustainable option. Due to the number of conservation directives within Scandinavia, for every tree felled to produce our beds, another two more are planted.

Looking for Delivery of your Short Beds to Manchester?

All of our products can be delivered UK-wide free of charge except for the following places:

  • Highlands & Islands of Scotland
  • Isle or Man
  • Channel Islands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Southern Ireland (Eire)

With all of our products being custom in size and made to order, dispatch times are dependent on the time required for construction. To find out more about how long it may take for your product to arrive, visit our delivery page.

What’s Next?

Begin searching through our wide range of products by selecting a category from the Short Beds homepage. For questions relating to any of our products, fill out our contact form or talk to one of our helpful team on 01524 548317.